mary Hoekje

0ccupation: dual language teacher in SAISD

Why I joined SA RISE:  My first year in the classroom I realized that community voices were notably vacant from many conversations regarding education and I felt strongly that community members needed to be integral parts of education reform. I decided to help found SA RISE with several other educators who felt similarly in June 2016. I continue to do this work because I believe in the strength of our students and community and in creating ever-better outcomes for students. 




0ccupation: Master Teacher SAISD

Why I joined SA RISE:  Early in my teaching career I recongnized that despite the best efforts of my students and I, there were things outside of our control that would prevent us from reaching full potential as a learning community.  It would take a community outside the school and classroom involving all stakeholders in San Antonio, to create positive change. 


fatema basrai 

0ccupation: Executive Director, Leadership SAISD

Why I joined SA RISE:  I chose to join SA RISE as a founding member because I believe in the power of community. We are a group of individuals who are committed to educational equity in San Antonio and collectively we inspire change.




Bree Juarez


Why I joined SA RISE:  




DANA Wrann


Why I joined SA RISE: 




Veronica Martinez 


Why I joined SA RISE: