Click the image below to link to the PDF version of SA RISE's Resolution to Ensure Protections of/and Implementation of Rights for All Students


Here is what you can do next to support now:

  • Contact your SAISD School Board Member in the next 7 days to let them know that you support SA RISE’s policy to protect our students. Find their info here. Share their responses, ideas or questions here! Even if you don’t live in the SAISD boundaries, contact them as a concerned community member and ask your local ISD what they’re doing to support our students
  • Talk about this proposed policy with your families, friends, and networks. Let us know how people are reacting and how they’re willing to support here!
  • Hold the following dates for potential action (to be decided based on conversations with the board). The evenings of:
    • Monday, May 15th and June 19th
  • We need stories of students, teachers, parents, and community members about the potential impact of our districts doing nothing and what would be different if the board took action on this policy. No stories will be shared without your prior permission and you can also ask that they be shared anonymously. Share your stories here!