Our Mission:

Educational Equity.

SA RISE (San Antonio Rising in Solidarity for Equity) seeks to foster collaboration among students, parents, educators, and other community members to build a base of power that will affect educational change through political and social action.

SA RISE (San Antonio Creciendo en Solidaridad para la Equidad) busca fomentar la colaboración entre los estudiantes, padres, educadores y otros miembros de la comunidad para construir una base de poder que avanzará el cambio educativo a través de la acción política y socia. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to foster collaboration in the community for educational equity. To bring the issues that pressing in San Antonio.  We all have a voice, with all of the communities' voices we can make a CHANGE.






Our Impact

We have been working in SAISD, but we are working to expand outwards to other districts. 

-SAISD Police Department Senate Bill 4 Handbook

-Policy and Resource Training for Parent-Family Liaisons, Counselors, and Social Workers

-Partnerships and Continued Verbal/Written Support from SAISD



Years Serving communities

Our team was launched in 2016 with the hope of making San Antonio more equitable for all.



House meetings held

Gathering voices from San Antonio 10 people at a time. 


March 2018

These teachers are serious about making change, not just making noise

Elaine Ayala (San Antonio Express-News)/ Read Full Article


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